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Mother’s Day: Redefining flowers for a love that is unique.

In this blog, we aim to inspire florists worldwide with innovative bouquet ideas for the bustling occasion of Mother’s Day. By playing with stem heights, the beauty of roses and carnations can be accentuated, allowing for appreciation of their head sizes and distinct textures.

Freedom: Learn new ways of creating with this everlasting classic.

Experience the timeless allure of the iconic Freedom rose, renowned for its incomparable bright red hue that exudes sophistication and class. Unleash your creativity and explore the full potential of this exceptional variety in a fully red floral arrangement, capturing attention with its captivating beauty and elevated elegance.

At Agrícola El Cactus we have devoted years of experience to perfectioning the art of growing flowers, nurturing feelings, and celebrating emotions.

1. Expertise and outstanding quality

Our brand has consolidated its good name thanks to our agricultural and sustainable practices, which ensure the art of cultivating the perfect flower.

2. Reliability and consistency

We take business and customer service seriously. Our clients can always trust not only our experience, but also our quality and commitment to excellence.

3. Long-lasting relationships

We greatly value our customers and honor their loyalty and constant contribution to our success. We highlight and support our employees’ efforts to achieve goals, to accomplish excellence.

4. Inspiring creativity

We actively search for the latest color trends to create an exciting tinted carnation portfolio, process we master at our state of the art tinting facility. We carefully study and select each of the varieties we grow to offer a complete range of tones, contributing to product developments that fit current design, decoration, and holiday trends.

Our roses and carnations are the epitome of beauty and sophistication

We are very proud of our journey and the experience we have collected over the years. Let us tell you more about our leading family-owned business, here are some stats!

We grow and position 50+ varieties between carnations and roses

Our team has over 500 employees of which 58% are women

We export to 25+ countries in all continents

Our carnation production is Florverde® Sustainable Flowers certified

As the flower industry evolves, we continue to proudly base our principles and goals on our family-owned tradition. Today we ship to over 25 countries and we are prepared to continue our growth within the challenges of new markets that this evolution brings.