Valentine’s Day with a touch of our Verona carnation.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year to portray love through a special selection of our coolest varieties. What better way to express the romance of this season than using a monochrome style with a vibrant color palette featuring shades of reds and soft pinks.

Discover our Verona carnation variety

A special one with a delicate and feminine pink hue. In a Kenzan style, as seen in the picture below, florists can craft powerful and romantic statements by using only a subtle amount of this flower. This allows Verona to have a leading role in the general look, enhancing its petals and stems in an asymmetrical way by playing with distance and varying heights.

To accentuate the two main color palettes, get inspired with our dazzling red Freedom rose and Daniko carnation varieties. With its elegant tone, Freedom and Daniko bring an iconic shade of vivid red into the picture. As we did with our Verona, keep it simple by using them in a monochrome palette with a delightful play on heights and distances between the flowers and the stems.

Another captivating tone is our magenta color, infused in our Farieta variety. This carnation can be used as a striking complement for arrangements where vivid tones take a leading part in the picture. 

Floral artists possess the artistic liberty to skillfully compose unique arrangements that showcase two captivating color blocks, capturing the essence and energy of this current date, in powerful yet sober designs.

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