Freedom: Learn new ways of creating with this everlasting classic.

The iconic Freedom rose is one that never fades out of style, just because no other red can compare to its unique bright red that not only gives a pop of color but is sultry enough to evoke sophistication and class. 

Cactus’s Freedom rose

 Is widely known in the wholesale market for its head size of over 6 cm, sturdy petals, and the fact that we can send our clients lengths from 40 to 90 cm.

To accentuate the power of the Freedom rose, we created this striking composition with Japanese kenzans, a sustainable mechanic that allows for the rose to speak for itself. This vertical composition truly shows the power of this extraordinary variety. By doing so, you ensure that its unique qualities shine through, creating a visually captivating display that captures the attention and evokes a sense of beauty and sophistication.

In addition to its robust stems, the petals of this flower offer a splendid display of exuberance, presenting a captivating array of voluminous forms and striking silhouettes. To further accentuate these innate qualities, employing a reflex technique on the petals yields wider, more dynamic shapes, elevating the overall visual impact.

Unleash your creativity with this exceptional variety and explore its full potential in a fully red floral composition. Floral artists have the opportunity to craft dynamic and expressive designs enhancing this classic rose in an eco-conscious yet elevated manner. 

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