DAZZLING RHAPSODY: Bright and bold, Summer is here!

Inspired by the 2023 Viva Magenta Pantone color of the year and the Firecracker effect, we picked our best daring, fearless, powerful, and empowering combinations.   

Our Pink Floyd, High & Magic, and Brighton roses state the conquering trend of bold colors. Mixed with strong carnation tones, we created big splashes, bright and carefree combinations to bring out the lively and energetic mood of summer.  Vigorous can also be used with neutral and nude tones to allow contrast between fierce and delicate, an effect we achieve with Caroline Gold carnations.

These compositions can easily extend to any season or occasion, for they guarantee days will be happier, feeling that consumers have expressed to be much needed in life. 

Dazzling Rhapsody is the perfect example of the energy that flowers can bring. Going beyond the rainbow to an expanded vibrancy level that excites and inspires, we use our roses and carnations to convey radiance, fun, cheer, and optimism.

It could be the fact that astrology is leading our hopes and dreams, but there are so many zodiac, nameplate, and initial jewelry pieces overflowing the market. Stella & Haas makes a really beautiful Old English font nameplate necklace that helps illustrate. I personally also love this bubble initial from Ariel Gordon and this colorful initial pinky ring by Adinas Jewels.