Christmas Collection: Let’s get into the holiday spirit

Christmas season is a synonym of sharing with family and what better to create compositions that can transmit a joyful and festive vibe. Red, white and green will always be iconic Christmas colors, here is our take on Christmas using our carnations and stunning Freedom rose.

Frontera carnation

We are so in love with our Frontera carnation, it is the epitome of coolness. Yes, you can blend it in with red and white but also versatile enough to think outside the box and give a pop of color when contrasting with a typical selection such as lavender and corals. Plus, we can’t hide the fact that it is perfect for any patriotic day.

By creating an arrangement using chicken wire as mechanics, florists can give off a more organic and asymmetric design by locating the stems at different heights. For carnations, we chose our classic red Don Pedro, the ever-elegant Antartida white carnation, and the cool red-white bicolored Frontera, this last one is an ideal selection to blend in two contrasting colors such as red and white.

To complement our carnations we chose our classic Freedom rose, an iconic rose that never seems to fade out of style. Cactus’s Freedom rose is highly recognized in wholesale markets for its prominent head size of 6 cm and luscious, abundant green petals. You can also reflex this rose to give more drama to the mix. 

Imagine placing this arrangement in your Christmas Eve dinner party and making a bold statement for all your guests to delight upon.

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