Vintage collection: Make a statement with vintage tones

It isn’t new that vintage color palettes are becoming more and more important. Not only in wholesale markets but also in the mass market. In the following images, we want to inspire you with two different color palettes that evoke sophistication and nostalgia.  Embrace the allure of a vintage-inspired look, where undertones and neutral hues intertwine to paint a portrait of the autumn season.

First look

For our first look, we use our varieties Lege Pink and Apple Tea to create an asymmetric and minimalistic composition. By placing the stems at different heights, we are able to give plenty of depth and drama. Our Lege Pink is a representation of a perfect vintage carnation and one of our best sellers. This pink is characterized by its blushy, mother-of-pearl sensation that blends in beautifully with hints of caramel and cream hues.

To complement the Lege Pink, we use our Novia carnation to add a subtle contrast while sparking up the color palette. Novia has a beautiful peachy and creamy tone that is practical because it blends in gracefully with any color combination and is perfect for everyday bouquets. Through the gentle allure of carnations, we unlock the potential to propose an exquisite and delicate interplay of textures and silhouettes.

For our second vintage-inspired composition, we use our  Lege Marrone, Brut & Ambar. This color combination couldn’t give off a more autumn look & feel. These three colors complement each other beautifully and create a majestic rusty vibe. These refined transitions of color reflect sophistication and sobriety. Plus, these colors blend into perfection inside any modern and contemporary home.

Our Brut variety offers an opportunity to incorporate peaches and warmer tones into the arrangement. This delicate yet robust carnation exudes a warm and inviting aura, enhancing the overall composition. By introducing these softer and lighter hues, a sense of intimacy and closeness is conveyed, elevating the arrangement to new heights.

People are embracing weird and unconventional mixing of colors”.

It could be the fact that astrology is leading our hopes and dreams, but there are so many zodiac, nameplate, and initial jewelry pieces overflowing the market. Stella & Haas makes a really beautiful Old English font nameplate necklace that helps illustrate. I personally also love this bubble initial from Ariel Gordon and this colorful initial pinky ring by Adinas Jewels.