Social and Environmental Policy


Social and Environmental Policy

Agrícola El Cactus  S.A., is a leading company in the production of roses and carnations.  It focuses on satisfying the requirements of all its stakeholders, based on socially responsible and environmentally friendly management.


It will ensure the protection and conservation of the environment through efficient use and saving of water resources, minimization and proper management of fertilizers and pesticides, correct waste disposal, conservation and improvement of the landscape, local biodiversity and efficient use of energy.


We will promote the substitution of inputs with higher environmental impact for others with lower incidence on a gradual basis.

We will respect the ILO conventions that have been ratified by Colombia applicable in labour, social and environmental aspects. 


We will comply with the applicable legal requirements and other voluntarily adopted to work under the following principles:


·      Non-discrimination

·      No forced labour or child labour

·      Freedom of association

·      Legal employment conditions

·      Security and health at work

·      Environmental protection

·      Maternity protection


The General Management of Agrícola El Cactus S.A. will allocate all the human, technical,  infrastructure and financial resources that are necessary for the continuous improvement of our Management System