About Us


About Us

Agricola El Cactus is a family-owned company that produces and exports top-quality flowers, with more than 30 years of experience in the production of fresh cut flowers. It’s a hands-on business managed by its owners, one of whom has been involved in the flower business since 1972. Cactus has at the present two production farms, in total 35 hectares (20 ha of carnations and 15 ha of roses): one in the Bogota plateau, just few miles west of the capital, and the other one in a beautiful valley in Boyaca. We have 400 direct employees working with passion and loyalty, meeting the highest production standards. That’s why we are proud of having a regular and consistent quality all year round, planning our strategic goals from breeding to final flower consumer.


Since 2014, our Carnation production is Florverde® Sustainable Flowers certified.


Our mission


We are growers, distributors and exporters of cut-flowers of excellent and consistent quality.  We maintain strong personal relationships with our customers, which are also based on transparency and trust, in addition to having a consolidated presence in their respective markets.


Our company is supported by a team of motivated and effective employees, which is made possible as we direct our efforts towards their career and personal development.


Our vision


Our aim is to continue increasing our financial strength and become a more profitable and sustainable organization, which will make it endure over time, and to be recognized for our ability to generate value for our shareholders, our employees, our customers and our business partners.